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Cheap Van Hire in North London


We are the Cheapest Van Rental in North London, save money by using our rental services. A1 fleet consist of Small VanSize [Berlingo], Medium Van Size [ Short Wheel Base ], Large VanSize [ Long Wheel Base ] with high roof top, and Luton Box Vanthe biggest Van to Rent on a normal Category B Licence.Full details of Hire Requirements are set out in a separate page.


We offer short term rental [ Minimum 24 Hours ] and Long Terms Rental Options [ Weekly hire at discounted rate ]. Whether moving house, transporting goods around like sofa, fridge, or in any other situation where you will need some extra space and moving power we are here to help you to decide on your best rental options to get you moving.


Rental Program for Long Term Customized Corporate Accounts With Discounted Rates Are Available NowCall us For More info


We are the first family Van Hire Company in the area, established in 1994, based in Holloway Rd, London, in one of the busiest road of England, the A1. Our location is near Central London and next to Camden, Highgate, Barnet, Haringey and Hackney Borough. You can reach us by Tube [ Archway Tube Station - British Rail Upper Holloway Station ] by Bus 17- 43 - 263.


Compare Van Hire Prices near you, and we can guarantee you that we are the cheapest around, if not we will match your quote from any North London Van Hire firm within five miles radius.




Small Van Hire London



A1 fleet consist of Small VanSize [Berlingo], this is the smallest Van to Rent for small pick up, a versatile Van to Hire in London, one of the biggest cities in Europe and the world, the small van is easy to park and would be very good to test for your driving skills if it's your first time hiring a van.

It is the best option to go for when you are looking to relocate or invest in your home improvements for example.  People are moving around London  a lot these days, this could be for various reason such as parents moving their kids to university or to be closer to friends and family, other times relocating for businesses. Renting is becoming ever more popular providing a convenient method of transporting your belongings.  Hiring a van can give you freedom to visit many places to pick up/drop off items without the need for a Man with Van Hire in London.




VW Caddy / Ford Connect or Citroen Berlingo for Hire

The perfect size van to rent if you've got few items to move that a car cannot carry because of size or weight.

Most domestic appliances will all fit in with ease or it could be useful for taking the kids to University for instance. This is the cheapest rent me van.






If you have bigger stuff , we suggest you look for the next size up bellow , the Short Wheel Base Size [ Ford Transit type ]


Well worth to Hire Van in London [ Medium ] if you are moving further away from the City.






Medium Van Hire London



Our fleet consist of Medium Van Size [Short Wheel Base] .Choosing the right size of the van is important before you the hire, and we have plenty different sizes of vans to rent that offer just the right blend of space and usability needed for you, here we introduce you the medium van SWB ( Short Wheel Base ).


The Ford Transit Short Wheelbase, is a very popular van and highly rated by the vehicle industry with its safety as good as five star Euro NCAP rating. It’s nice to drive and boasts strong comfort for any long journey; economically low fuel [Diesel] consumption. It has plenty of cargo space with a ample storage space at the back.  



Transit Van Rental London


Ford Transit,Renault Traffic or similar SWB size [ Short Wheel Base ] For Hire


The Ford Transit SWB is Britains most popular Van to Rent in London and the UK. The SWB Van [ Ford Transit type ] is great for moving most items.

If you're moving home [1 or 2 bedroom flat content] this van will be able to take most of your items, such as double bed, three seater sofa,wardrobe and fridge in one or two trips depending on the amount you have accumulated throughout the years.





If you need more space, less driving, i.e moving it all in one go, then you can upgrade to the next size up ( Bellow ) , the Long Wheel Base size [ Ford Transit type ]


Well worth to hire the Large Van if you are moving further away from London.





Large Van Hire London

A1 fleet consist of Large Van Size [ Long Wheel Base ] It’s that bigger Transit two-tonne range we’re talking about here, it's vast inside and can swallow an entire flat in one go.The load space is more uniformly shaped to get larger items inside should be easier. The doors open wide and there’s a handy catch inside the rear doors that releases them to open the full 180 degrees. Very easy to drive, with increased load volume. There is more headroom than the medium van and taller drivers will find more legroom too, so you don't have to squeeze in. You can hire this van on a normal licence, but requires a bit of attention when driving, because of its size.





Ford Transit, Renault Master or similar LWB size [ Long Wheel Base ] for Hire


The Ford Transit LWB is one of Britains most popular too and part of the Transit family.

The Long Wheel base or Large Van as listed above is a great van for moving most items with ease with its hightop roof dimension.

If you want even more room, or have a bigger house/belongings, then you can upgrade to the the Luton Box hire, see bellow.



If you need even more room, then you can hire to the next size up ( Bellow ), the Ford Luton Box Van [ Ford Transit type ]


Well worth to hire the Luton van if you are moving further away, with bigger items and need room/flexibility to shift items.







Luton Box Hire London




The Ford Luton Box Tail Lift van is the biggest vehicle we offer and is superb for home removals where you have lots of stuff to move with plenty of space.

As the Luton has a tail lift, it's easy to raise larger items into the back of the van with ease, like washing machines/fridges.









The Luton has a load area that extends over the cab, and usually replaces the regular panel van body with a large, square-sided box. Typically the Luton is built on chassis or platform cabs, which are already prepared to accept different rear bodywork.

The square sides and tall roof make the Luton Box particularly popular with removal services, as they’re a more practical shape compared with the typically curved and inwards-leaning proportions of most panel vans. The space inside is vast, and square, with no intrusion from the wheel arches as the box body sits above rather than between them. The load area is also completely separated from the cab, which offers a potential boost to safety. Equally impressive. As usual, Ford has built a van with steering weighted just so, giving you a feeling of confidence and control, and one that neither leans too much round the corners nor crashes too much over bumps and potholes. The ride is comfortable but composed.





We are the alternative to the Man with a Van in London , as you are being offered a Van for Hire for the whole day with a minimum of 24 hours to use, a fraction cost of that of the Man With a Van as their cost can be astronomical considering the cost start from £30/hour.

We are about 15% cheaper than any other Van Hire Company in North London, you will also save a lot more if look at our Van Hire Deals.


If you are searching for a Van Hire near you in North London, then look no further than A1 Holloway Van Hire in London. We are here to take away some of the stress when you need to move as the process of moving house is already an ordeal which is why it's important to select the right Van to Rent to avoid more complication, we have the expertise in this business since 1994 and we will assist you and provide you with the great advise and value for money.


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