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A guide to which licence you need and what Cars, Vans or Minibuses you can hire in London & on which driving licences

Cars are great for transporting people and shopping, but if you need to move a lot of big stuff, then you need to get a van. The likeliest time you'll need one is if you or someone you know is moving house, although you might need to drive a van at work, or even use one for a trip to the tip.

Whatever you need to use a van for, whether you're hiring a van or borrowing one from a friend, you need to know what van you can drive - because not all commercial vehicles can be driven on a standard UK driving licence. Our guide will show you exactly what you can drive, depending on your driving licence.


Licence requirements


If you've passed your driving test, then your licence will give you additional permissions over and above simply driving a car. On the front of a plastic card licence, the very bottom row of letters covers what vehicles your licence allows you to drive.


If you've passed your driving test, the 'B' line on your licence will have valid dates next to it, and you'll also have the same range of dates in line 'B1'. That means you can drive a four-wheeled light vehicle weighing up to 400kg, or 550kg goods vehicles.


As for vans, the vast majority are covered by the 'B' classification, the same as cars, so you are fine to drive a basic all the vans in our fleet.


The one thing you need to be aware of is a van's Maximum Authorised Mass (MAM). It must be no more than 3,500kg (3.5 tonnes), and while even the biggest vans on sale in the UK come in below this limit, adding a heavy payload could exceed the MAM for the van you're driving. That's when you could get into trouble, because driving an overweight vehicle is illegal, and you could face points on your licence, a fine and even a court summons if you're caught.



Vans over 3.5 tonnes


We do not hire vans over 3.5 tonnes, so don't worry, about restrictions as you can drivr any car, van or minibus from our firm.





You can drive our minibuses, providing it is for social, and it is not for hire and reward. For example if you are going to a wedding and driving your family around, then that's fine. Alternatively if you are driving people around to get paid for the service you do, then you are required to have a D1 licence category.




Hiring a Car, Van or Minibus North London easy process withA1 Holloway.


If you want to hire a car, van or a minibus, it's important to plan ahead, and take some of the previous information with you so you get the right vehicle.


If it's a van, then first, work out what you want the van for. It might be tempting to get the largest van possible, but beware that loading it up with a number of heavy items could quickly put the van over its MAM limit, making it illegal to use. If you're stopped and your van is found to be over the limit, you will be liable for any fine or court action, not the rental company. In this instance, and if possible, it might be better to get a smaller van that can't be excessively loaded, and then do more frequent trips.


Take a look at what's covered by the hire companies' insurance as you might want to take extra cover from a third party for full content [ belongins and expensive items ] insurance during transit as all other rental insurance do not cover it.


Check the car, van or minibus you are hiring over for damage inside and out before driving off. If you spot anything, then inform the hire company and get them to sign a waiver to verify that the damage was present before you took the van away. This normally is our procedure and we do have an extensive checkout sheet. It is also worth taking pictures of the van, car or minibus you hire.

When returning, leave it as you found it. Make sure the load area is at least swept clean, and make sure the cab is rid of rubbish. Check the agreement about fuel use, because if the van was full of fuel when you took it, you may be expected to refuel it, or face another charge for the fuel you have used.


Check that you did not go the the Congestion Charge Zone, or passed throught the Dart crossing to avoid the fine from the Local Authority.


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